Our Office

Our Logo…..

It is carefully designed to capture at first glance what we are doing and where we operate … Nature ….
Colors were carefully selected, as well as the words ….
We choose brown from the color of the soil and tree trunks, green from the color of the flora, blue from the sky and black which symbolizes the adventures.
The word on the logo is Compass, and the word on the logo does not remain as a word, but in fact we are your compass, not only for the outdoor activities we offer, but also for unique day trips or multi-day excursions, either full of action, in forests, rivers, canyons, peaks, or for hiking in stone-built settlements, stone bridges, and unique landscapes in National Forests that you will love …
The Mountain, which is the sovereign part of the mark, symbolizes our love and respect for it, for what we have learned several years of activity in them.
The water could not be omitted because it is inextricably linked with nature in general, but also with the mountain and the sea …. The melting snow, or the frequent rains in the mountains, create rivers that span wonderful landscapes that you could not admire if you did not cross the river by some kind of floating means ….
Finally the water ends up in the sea, where it also offers for other forms of activities and tours …
On occasion, we also provide 3 wise phrases ….
1. Live Your Life by a Compass, not a Clock …
2. Everyday Adventures, Make Life Better …
3. Never say “No” to Adventures, always say “Yes”, otherwise you will lead a very dull life