In just 10 kilometers away from Syvota, almost in an altitude of 600 meters there is the old village of Vrachonas. In the old times Vrachonas was a seperate community with almost 60 houses that are built on mountain rocks and was counting 328 people which lived there according to the census of 1928 Their principal occupation was agriculture and animal husbandry.

In the village there are many wells that were used for every day needs of the population After years that have passed the residents of Vrachonas moved to Syvota until the village was desolated and it exista as a district of Syvota The view from Vrachonas is infinite to the Ionian open sea from where you can also see in a panoramic view Syvota and the west side of the island Kerkira and Paxoi.

In the village at 1990 the chapel if Prophet Helias was built and it has liturgy every year at it’s name day

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