ATV 4×4

Join us with the “hogs” to get to know the mountain side of Sivota and Perdika. Above Sivota, at the top of the mountain is the old settlement of Vrachonas, at an altitude of 600 meters, overlooking to the west the whole Ionian Sea with Corfu, Paxos and Antipaxos, while from the east your eyes stop in Paramythia and the top Gorilla.

ATV tour Sivota, Compass Outdoor Adventure, 4×4

Perdika is a mountainous village, surrounded by olive trees, with dirt roads through plains and magnificent views of the sea. In Perdika there are wonderful crystal clear beaches in close proximity.


Our brand new four-wheeled vehicles (ATVs) are built on the basis of European Standards, EURO 4, and meet all safety requirements. They are legitimate, with a licence and authorization that can be brought to all territories without exceptions. Four-wheel 4×4, 450 cc, with rear-differential that locks, adjustable shock absorbers on all wheels and disc brakes on all wheels, automatic, slow, fast and reverse and you can drive them with car licence.


…if you have the experience of driving with such vehicles then you will definitely enjoy whatever route you choose. If you have not driven again, then we will show you the safest way to get to know the mountainous beauties of the area.


In addition to safety, and Hygiene is an important part of us. We put a lot of emphasis on the brand-new helmets that we will provide for your trips and to give you as a gift a bundana to wear so the helmet does not come in contact with your head so that each rider can feel comfortable by wearing the helmet as if it were always new. The same goes for the passengers…


The routes we have designed cover both experienced drivers and beginners, driving mostly on asphalt, or most of the route to dirt and stones. You have to choose a level of difficulty depending on your experience, but also the size of your route in kilometers depending on the hours you have available and your strengths. We start from 10 km to 50, and from 45 minutes to 5 hours…

The experienced guide that will accompany you on the route (leading hog-ATV) will explain to you about the area and will photograph you wherever you want so you will have endless souvenirs that we will give you the end of the route completely free of charge…

Choose one of the routes that suits you, and come enjoy driving with these safe terrestrial vehicles (ATVs – QUADs)….

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