Our Compass Outdoor Adventures office is dedicated to rafting and offers you a unique but above all safe experience.

Rafting is a team sport that you do on an inflatable boat down a river. The boat has a certified professional guide from the International Rafting Federation (I.R.F.) as well as rowers numbering up to 12. This number is commensurate with the size of the boat and the level of difficulty of the river.

The boat driver before landing will give you a small theoretical lesson (about 10 minutes) that tells you a few words about the boat, explains how we sit on it, the way we paddle and the commands it will give you inside. in the river to properly navigate the boat and avoid any natural obstacles in the river.

Like all sports in nature, rafting has some degree of risk and therefore some security rules that our office adheres to without compromises and discounts, just as the International Rafting Federation states.

Always wanting to provide an unforgettable and safe experience, especially for beginners but also a little more experienced, we have chosen rivers for this activity where the difficulty level is up to scale 2. While the highest is 6.