The difference between simple hiking and mountain hiking is significant, it has to do with the motivations we ask for. In the first case we seek the pursuit of pleasure, while in the second case we pursue the pursuit of adventure.

The transition from simple Hiking to Mountain Hiking has to do with the increase of the slope of the route, the total distance that we will travel, of course the change of morphology of the soil and maybe the coping with the change of the weather conditions…

Hiking is the safest outdoor activity. It is addressed to all people, regardless of age, and especially to those who love walking and wandering in nature, mountains and rivers.

Our region, Thesprotia, (but also Greece as a whole) has easy routes, but also difficult ones that are worth walking.

In the Tsamanta Mountains with an altitude of 1806m, but also in the Paramythia Mountains with the highest peak Gorilla with an altitude of 1658m. The hiking trails are very well known and the view is amazing as you climb to the top.

Some of the basic equipment you need are:

  1.  Mountaineering boots, to be waterproof and with non-slip soles (and not a sneaker or a sports mountaineering low, as ankle protection is essential)
  2. Mountaineering sticks (Nordic walking sticks)
  3. Mountaineering Backpack for all your personal items, and depending on the season and the necessary clothing
  4. Glasses, Hat, Gloves, Hat with a relatively large brim for protection from the sun (all of the above depending on the season)
  5. Waterproof – Windproof jacket
  6. 2nd pair of socks
  7. Water 1 1/5 liters
  8. Cereal Bars

Note: in addition to the individual equipment that is necessary, there is also the group equipment, where the specialized Mountain Leaders that our office has, provide all the other equipment (eg pharmacy, rope, etc.)

In any case, whichever hiking route you choose, always with our help to suit your capabilities, the individual equipment may differ but not in the basics (such as mountaineering boots, climbing sticks, etc.)

Our Office undertakes to lead you to beautiful paths of Thesprotia, but also of Epirus in general, such as the Smolikas Peak which is the second highest mountain in Greece with an altitude of 2637m., Grammos with the peak 2520 and altitude 2520m, Tymfi in Gamila peak with an altitude of 2497m. and other lower peaks with unique landscapes.

All the programs we have are adapted to your needs and requirements.

Contact us to make a program to your liking.