Mountain Bike


Mountain biking means off-road cycling, often on uneven terrain, with specially designed mountain bikes. The special features of these bikes are their durability in uneven ground as well as the shock absorbers, where depending on the route we choose bikes with front suspension (hard tail) or front and rear suspensions (enduro, downhill)


Mountain biking is an activity that requires endurance and cycling skills in off-road terrain, dirt road, stones, rocks, etc..


These requirements are present in all types of mountain biking, as there are cyclists who deal only with cross country trails, enduro descents, or downhill descents.

Mountain biking can take place everywhere in nature, from a country road, rural road, narrow paths that pass through forests, streams, valleys, slopes, fields, etc.

But a pre-planned route contributes to the success of the activity with absolute safety.


Knowledge of bicycle repair is important, because the team in these cases is not in an urban environment, but in a non-urban one, therefore immediate repair of the bicycle is necessary to continue the activity and return quickly


Both Thesprotia and Epirus in general, have routes with a total of thousands of kilometers and the options are countless, both for beginners and for the most experienced cyclists.

Sivota with the mountainous mass that surrounds them, has routes where you can see the sea on one side with the Ionian Sea, while on the other you see the Paramythia Mountains.

The routes in the area of ​​Sivota are relatively easy, and in the summer after a demanding route we end up on a beach for an enjoyable swim


Our office, with excellent knowledge in Mountain Biking, certified by M.I.A.S. (MountainBike Instructor Award Scheme) is able to suggest the best route for you, and guide you safely with our experienced Certified Guide.


The personal equipment that every cyclist must have is:


  1. Mountain bike (in case you do not have your own bike, our office has to give you the ideal bike in size for your height)
  2. Protective cycling helmet (also if you do not have your own helmet, our office will give you one of the approved helmets we have)
  3. Small backpack for your personal items
  4. Hermit crab with water
  5. Cereal bars
  6. Glasses, gloves, socks, windproof jacket (depending on the season)
  7. Athletic shoes (preferably athletic mountaineering)
  8. 2nd pair of socks


And in the group equipment our Guide brings all the necessary repair kits, pharmacy, etc.


On long distances and the most remote, we have additional bicycles for immediate replacement in case of damage that can not be repaired, as there is an accompanying car at specific points to provide assistance.


Contact us to find the route that suits your needs and enjoy the beauties of Epirus