Kayaking – Sit on top (open type) is an activity that takes place at sea, in the lake and in easy rivers. In kayaks – Sit on top (open type) can be rowed by one or more people.

Our office chose a two-seater French Kayak – Sit on Top (open type) / (2 + 1 seats) with an extra seat in the middle of the boat for one child. There are three separate places for waterproof (waterproof containers) to place your personal items.

At the same time there are comfortable seats in the 2 main rowers, to make your activity even more comfortable.

The kayak boats we chose (sit on top – open type) were the result of careful research and selection from a wide range of this species, and we came up with a boat that serves the activity at sea, on the lake as well as on easy rivers. Sivota and Perdika, as the only destination for their beautiful beaches, have beaches that are not accessible by car or on foot, and the only option is by sea.

Our kayaks will take you to these beautiful beaches, both around the islands of Sivota, as well as to other beaches on the coastline.

Acheron is a river that serves this activity. Starting from a specific point we reach its estuary, where depending on the route you choose we will reach the beaches of Parga.

A basic condition is to know how to swim, while we will provide you with the necessary life jackets, sealed for your personal items and where needed, waterproof bags for larger items.

Finally, our experienced guides will take care to capture every beautiful moment of yours in photos and videos, giving you all the files as a gift