Canyoning or otherwise in Greek, Canyon Crossing, is an Outdoor Activity that you do in the canyon environment.

Each Canyon has its own geomorphological features. The Canyons can be without water, with little water or with too much water (depending on the time period and also the sources of each canyon).

The Canyon is crossed on foot, using retaining techniques, or with ropes (technical descending). For water canyons, basic swimming knowledge is essential.

The difficulty of the canyons depends on the accessibility of the inlet or outlet (walking time), the amount of water, the verticality and height of the ramp ladders, as well as the immediate accessibility for escape.

Our Compass Outdoor Adventures office can provide this activity in various canyons in Epirus, and will provide you with all the equipment you need for a smooth and safe crossing, always accompanied by a Certified Canyon Crossing Guide and a certified Canyoning Crossing Assistant.