All journeys start with a compass, a map and a target……….

If you look for a place in Europe that will offer you lavishly, literally everything, to lose your way and then discover new routes or follow the national routes, trekking for minutes or hours in courses that the sun light cannot touch the soil at his path to the earth from high trees……. or your nature is more active than usual and you want to reach till the alpine or semi alpine zones to meet the alpine merman/tritons in Dragon lakes (alpine lakes) or to go to the lake Flega, or the lake Moutsalia, the lake Gistova or Arkoudorema area to find the local fauna the Salamander….

If the next day you wanted to climb a rookie level or beginner or advanced level mountain with a degree of difficulty, and the next day you want to row in a lake or the most important port of the country that is the gateway of Europe…..

If you are looking for caves, Waterfalls, Lakes, Alpine Lakes, Museums of all kinds (Lao-scenes, Waxworks, Silverworks, etc.), National Forests, Ski Centers, High Peaks, Mountains, Rivers, Theaters, Monuments of Nature, Stone Bridges, Wildlife then all these are included in the huge list of what you can devote and get acquainted with, in this area if you choose to take your vacation at a distance…

Compass Outdoor Adventures

You will try to keep your adrenaline low while it hits red when you leave from the steep tall rock with the paragliding to land in a stunning clearing in a forest and after a fairytale short journey you will taste traditional homemade pies to a Traditional Mountain Stone Settlement, which will travel you hundreds of years back with an impressive history.

Even if you are a motorsport enthusiast, this area will compensate you for the above, as the endless forest paths that host thousands of kilometers will never make you feel the term “routine” as the landscape changes, the altitude differences, the levels of difficulty, the melody of nature that follows you like a shadow, are just some of the emotions that make you make memories and live experiences to remember throughout your life.

All you have to do is choose your means to escape …. 4×4, ATV, enduro, mountain bike ……

The fairytale begins as the history of the area can not be ignored, because wherever you may be, any stone that stands up conceals endless pages of important events that marked the region and the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, so that the history of indelible ink has been written.

A geographical node that you can not ignore its existence and what it can offer you in the 4 seasons of the year, for all ages, for all choices.

Crystal clear turquoise waters that touch the green of the landscape will cool you on the warm summer days, and offer unforgettable experiences alongside the people you will trust to live differently from everyday life..

Fishing, Parasailing, Scuba Diving, Waterboard , Sea Ski, Xtreme Sports, do not go unnoticed, because there are certified people who will initiate and guide you safely so that all you have to do is this different choice of coming here and try what you are afraid of.

Again, however, you can find yourself in distant villages that have spawned the finest craftsmen that carved stone and build houses and bridges, or others carve the wood and make structures that you think are hand-knotted with a thread and a needle, where their works stand in time for generations. A harmony of stone and wood combining in many settlements and waiting for you to meet them.

All of this requires energy and good food, and choices for home-made flavors in the woods or taverns next to the sea are countless.

And most importantly, if you do not have the right company for all the above, you will definitely find it here….

Epirus is your map and we are your compass…


Compass Outdoor Adventures – Sivota Thesprotia