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COMPASS OUTDOOR ADVENTURES is dedicated exclusively to Alternative Tourism and more specifically to Outdoor Activities..

We provide complete packages of activities, singly or in combination, daily or multi-day, and we have targeted both small and large sections and groups.

The activities we offer concern Epirus and more generally all over the area with selective points and places in every corner of the area…

We and our people are certified and experienced in the activity you choose…

Compass Outdoor Adventures, Quads Safari, Sivota - Vrachonas
"jobs fill your pocket,
adventures fill your soul"

About Us


It is carefully designed to capture at first glance what we are doing and where we operate … Nature …. Colors were carefully selected, as well as the words...

We choose brown from the color of the soil and tree trunks, green from the color of the flora, blue from the sky and black which symbolizes the adventures...

The word on the logo is Compass, and the word on the logo does not remain as a word, but in fact we are your compass, not only for the outdoor activities we offer, but also for unique day trips or multi-day excursions, either full of action, in forests, rivers, canyons, peaks, or for hiking in stone-built settlements, stone bridges, and unique landscapes in National Forests that you will love…

The Mountain, which is the sovereign part of the mark, symbolizes our love and respect for it, for what we have learned several years of activity in them...

The water could not be omitted because it is inextricably linked with nature in general, but also with the mountain and the sea... The melting snow, or the frequent rains in the mountains, create rivers that span wonderful landscapes that you could not admire if you did not cross the river by some kind of floating means...

Finally the water ends up in the sea, where it also offers for other forms of activities and tours… On occasion, we also provide 3 wise phrases...
1. Live Your Life by a Compass, not a Clock…
2. Everyday Adventures, Make Life Better...
3. Never say “No” to Adventures, always say “Yes”, otherwise you will lead a very dull life…

Our Logo, Compass Outdoor Adventures
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QUADs Safari

Above Sivota, at the top of the mountain is the old settlement of Vrachonas, at an altitude of 600 meters, overlooking to the >>>

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Rafting is a team sport that you do on an inflatable boat down a river. The boat has a certified professional guide from (I.R.F.)

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Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata or Mountain Climbing, or Iron Trail, is an outdoor activity that you do on Mountain Trails from mountain and rock slopes

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River Trekking

River Trekking is the crossing of a river on foot (in water level conditions where this is possible) without vessels

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Kayaking – Sit on top (open type) is an activity that takes place at sea, in the lake and in easy rivers. In kayaks – Sit on top (open type)

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Mountain Bike

Mountain biking means off-road cycling, often on uneven terrain, with specially designed mountain bikes. The special features

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Hiking - Trekking

The difference between simple hiking and mountain hiking is significant, it has to do with the motivations we ask for

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Canyoning or otherwise in Greek, Canyon Crossing, is an Outdoor Activity that you do in the canyon environment

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Hiking to Zagori, Compass Outdoor Adventures

hiking to zagori

Rafting, Compass Outdoor Adventures


Via Ferrata, Compass Outdoor Adventures

via ferrata

Safari QUADs, Compass Outdoor Adventures

safari quads

River Trekking, Compass Outdoor Adventures

river trekking

Hiking, Compass Outdoor Adventures


affiliate ACTIVITIES

Photo Safari

Α photo album for you, with the best moments in unique landscapes, with a 4x4 vehicle, and a professional photographer

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If you want to try scuba diving, but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, Discover Scuba Diving is for you

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Sivota area is ideal for snorkeling, especially around the islands. the instructor will show you all you need to safely enjoy the activity

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Luxury Yachts

Gather together with family, friends and loved ones, choose your favorite music playlist and we are ready to leave the dock

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Rent a Boat

Navigate with friends or family searching for unique beaches. Boats provide all the safety features

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Take off from almost everywhere. More flight time in a comfortable seat and the view is breathtaking. Book now

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SUP is so enjoyable, and it shouldn't take away from your holidays. Escort with an experienced guide

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Ιf you haven't tried paragliding, it's time to see the world from above. There are several take-off points, depending on the weather

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Compass Outdoor Adventures

Photo Safari

Compass Outdoor Adventures


Compass Outdoor Adventures


Compass Outdoor Adventures

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Compass Outdoor Adventures


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